Thursday, September 26, 2019

Islamic eBooks Library|Islamic Library AhleSunnats

  • Islamic eBooks Library|Islamic Library AhleSunnats

Islamic Books Urdu
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Islamic Library is a free online library that provides access to thousands of Islamic books on the go. Several languages are available. New books and languages are loaded frequently. The library is available as Android and iPhone apps. It can also be accessed at The app does not require membership to read books online.
• User can easily find any book through search bar.
• User can select and find the books in a specific language.
• Books have been categorized by Author, Subject and Month wise.
• User can select any book to make his favorite. By doing this the favorite books of the user will be shown in “Favorite” section of the Application.
• Update section of the App will show you the latest books added in the Application.

Islamic Books Urdu

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